We bring together everything required to keep your network running.

Our Intelligent Secure SaaS Infrastructure Monitoring Solution, NetByte Insight™, brings together all points of data needed to make accurate decisions about your infrastructure and offer an unparalleled insight into all aspects of your network, from core infrastructure devices to the endpoints connected to your network, NetByte Insight™ keeps you informed.

Complexity Managed, Simplicity Delivered.

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Secure SaaS Monitoring

Transparency leads to accountability, and accountability leads to stability.

Many enterprises are unaware of every device connected to their network. Yet, true network security hinges on complete visibility. As we approach 2025, it's projected that 70% of the workforce will work remotely for at least five days a month. Traditional solutions fall short in providing the comprehensive visibility and intelligence that NetByte Insight™ delivers, it orchestrates your environment. With us, you'll always be informed about what's on your network, what's transpiring within it, and receive intelligent insights.

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Full Stack Monitoring

NetByte Insight™ provides comprehensive monitoring for:General IT Hygiene, Configurations, Intrusion Detection, Malware Detection and Response, File Integrity Monitoring, Regulatory Compliance Checks, Vulnerability Detection, Threat Hunting, and
Advanced Log Data Analysis.
Plus, a robust built-in SOAR solution for seamless process automation.

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World Class Threat Intelligence

NetByte's solution is bolstered by the combined strength of Wazuh SIEM and the Fortinet FortiGate NGFW. This synergy ensures comprehensive visibility and robust protection across all servers, endpoints, and network devices in your ecosystem. Experience thorough UTM Inspection for all remote traffic, complemented by in-depth certificate examination.

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Advanced AI Log Analytics

NetByte's Insight™ is powered by ExplainIT™, our fine-tuned LLM trained specifically on your environment and infrastructure, networking, troubleshooting and virtualization topics, allowing deep insight into your data, with intelligent, actionable data.

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Remote Monitoring & Management

NetByte Insight™ has a built-in powerful RMM solution that includes detailed inventory and configuration databases, secure remote management via SSH or Tunneling protocols, and deep-dive drill down analysis of your network traffic.

Unlock Intelligent Network Insights with NetByte Insight™: Simplify, Integrate, and Elevate!

NetByte Insight™ seamlessly integrates all your IT infrastructure data, enabling ExplainIT™ to generate comprehensive reports and deep insights into your system. Whether you use ticketing solutions like SNOW, ConnectWise, Jira, or others, they can easily connect to Insight through an API. This connection facilitates a continuous data flow about network issues, which is then intelligently analyzed.

Over time, as the system processes more data, its responses become detailed and more accurate. Although out of the box, Insight™ is impressive. With NetByte Insight™, simplify the complexities of your network operations.

More Features

NetByte Insight™ includes Auvik, the world's most powerful RMM

NetByte Insight™ did not try to re-invent the wheel, we simply harnessed powerful solutions to become the backend of this incredible product. Auvik was TrustRadius' Best of 2023 for a reason. Utilizing the power of API, NetByte Insight™ utilizes SOC2/HIPAA Certified solutions to power the Dashboard and Automation that is native to the Insight™ solution.

Cloud-based hosted solution

Intelligent offline capabilities

Faster deployment to Production

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