Revolutionize your Infrastructurewith NetByte Insight™

NetByte Insight™ is a managed secure monitoring cloud platform that illuminates every aspect of your network. Our tailored Leadership Dashboard equips your team with instant data and insights. From the overarching topology, to the nuanced services on a user's device, we guarantee a granular perspective within arm's reach.

Experience clarity with a single click, all amplified by AI's prowess. NetByte Insight™ packages are enriched by the expertise of our ACCS Teams, who are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure your successful, stable operations.

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Endpoint Security and Operations

NetByte Insight™ monitors:
General IT Hygiene, Configuration Assessment, Intrusion Detection,
Malware Detection and Response,
File Integrity, Regulatory Compliance, Vulnerability Detection, Threat Hunting, Advanced Log Data Analysis and a robust built-in SOAR solution

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World Class Threat Intelligence

NetByte's solution is powered by Wazuh SIEM and the Fortinet FortiGate NGFW, offering complete visibility into and protection of all servers, endpoints, and network devices in your environment.

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Advanced AI Log Analytics

NetByte's Insight™ is powered by ExplainIT™, our fine-tuned LLM trained specifically on your environment and infrastructure, networking, troubleshooting and virtualization topics, allowing deep insight into your data, with intelligent, actionable data.

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Remote Monitoring & Management

NetByte Insight™ has a built-in powerful RMM solution that includes detailed inventory and configuration databases, secure remote management via SSH or Tunneling protocols, and deep-dive drill down analysis of your network traffic.

How it works

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We Start with a Conversation about your network

First, pinpoint your primary devices, servers, subnets, and VLANs. Following this, we'll introduce an Appliance designed to gather insights about your infrastructure. After a week of data collection, we'll present a comprehensive report outlining your infrastructure's specifics, offering recommendations for improvements, and highlighting key considerations.

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Deploy the NetByte Insight™ Infrastructure

Our infrastructure relies heavily on API and SNMPv3, we assist in automating the deployment of the configuration for monitoring -- and have an easy uninstall script. All services are always on in the cloud, allowing NetByte to guarantee 99.99% SLA Uptime for the monitoring infrastructure supported.

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Gather Intelligence on your network and endpoints

NetByte's edge processing approach empowers enterprises with unparalleled intelligence, all accessible through a single, customizable dashboard. Gain unprecedented insight into your NetOps environment and access tailored reports to enhance your network operations.

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NetByte Insight™ AI-Powered Reporting and Summaries

NetByte Insight™ is compatible with MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and is also available online. Both leaders and engineers can effortlessly access vital information about the infrastructure whenever required. Powered by ExplainIT!™, our system delivers comprehensive and smart reports on your infrastructure.

The NetByte Insight™ Infrastructure Summary offers a top-tier overview of the entire network, security framework, and even provides suggestions for improvement. It stands out as one of the industry's most potent tools, revolutionizing the way leadership operates.

Cloud-based hosted solution

Intelligent offline capabilities

Faster deployment to Production

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