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NetByte is the brainchild of network engineer Chris McWhorter, based on decades of experience in networking, security, and information technology. His journey began in April 1997 when he earned his first certification. Chris is highly sought after for his expertise in the Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Solution and has successfully implemented the full Secure Branch with BGP Self-healing solution in production environments for major Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, ranging from 25 branches to thousands across the globe.

Chris's resume includes notable names like Fortinet, Mitsubishi Motors of North America, and Gateway Computers, among others. His extensive experience as a subject matter expert has led him to collaborate with renowned companies and universities such as Lowe's, Trane, Oracle, Levi's, NASA, Harvard University, Bridgestone, FedEx, and more.

Spanning multiple industries, including healthcare, automotive, retail, finance, and SLED, Chris brings unparalleled expertise to the NetByte team.

About NetByte.AI

NetByte.AI stands as the pioneering DevOps entity that engineered NetByte Insight™, a state-of-the-art Secure SaaS Infrastructure Monitoring Solution. This innovative system is powered by ExplainIT!, our proprietary technology designed to unveil profound insights, generate comprehensive reports, and place an extensive array of infrastructure data at the disposal of professionals.

We have intricately woven artificial intelligence into the fabric of NetByte Insight™, ensuring that users are equipped with real-time, accurate, and personalized LLM responses. This integration facilitates an exhaustive analysis of network traffic flow, ensuring that every nuance is captured, analyzed, and presented in an intelligible format.

ExplainIT!™ is not just a feature but a revolution in network monitoring. It is meticulously crafted, drawing from a rich reservoir of networking RFCs and adhering to the gold standards of industry practices. Every technical explanation is delivered with clarity, ensuring that users are not just informed but also enlightened about the intricate workings of their network.

Alert management is redefined with ExplainIT!™. It sifts through a myriad of alerts, applying a sophisticated layer of intelligence to distinguish between critical issues and those that are less urgent. For example, the system can discern the nuanced differences between a Brute Force attempt employing a variety of usernames and passwords and an attempt utilizing an existing username. Although both scenarios trigger identical alerts, ExplainIT!™ is adept at differentiating and responding in a manner tailored to the severity of the threat.

Alert management is redefined with ExplainIT!™. It sifts through a myriad of alerts, applying a sophisticated layer of intelligence to distinguish between critical issues and those that are less urgent.

Our ExplainIT!™ feature, driven by AI and fine-tuned using networking RFCs and industry best-practice standards, provides clear technical explanations to help you understand the insights at your fingertips.

NetByte Insight™ transcends the conventional. While the market is saturated with solutions offering aesthetically pleasing graphs and reports, they often fall short in delivering actionable data and automation capabilities. In the complex and ever-evolving security landscape, the role of adept engineers equipped with insightful data is paramount.

ExplainIT!™ emerges as the ally of every network professional. It doesn’t just identify and report issues; it delves deep, offering real-time troubleshooting insights and pinpointing not just existing challenges but also forecasting potential future hurdles based on intricate network configurations. The adaptive learning capability of ExplainIT!™ ensures that it evolves in tandem with your network, becoming an ever-reliable resource.

In the realm of network monitoring and security, NetByte Insight™, powered by ExplainIT!™, stands as the epitome of innovation, intelligence, and reliability. Every feature is a testament to our commitment to delivering not just data but insights that empower, secure, and propel businesses into a future where technology and security are synonymous.

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Our story

NetByte was born out of a fundamental problem identified by decades of industry experience. It became evident that many companies sought to eliminate the hassle of dealing with mundane tasks like basic network connectivity. For any organization that has grappled with persistent connectivity issues, the desire to alleviate these headaches and their ripple effects on the network and end-users is palpable.

At its core, secure connectivity is a straightforward concept. However, the challenge arises when solutions become overly complex, leading to unforeseen network issues. Our mission was to address this problem, and we succeeded in simplifying secure connectivity to ensure a smoother network experience.

NetByte is flexible in how it can be utilized. You can opt for our Managed Service, offering round-the-clock monitoring and response through a contract, or choose our self-deployed solution. We've created something essential, practical, and efficient, and we're eager to showcase it with a demo for your company!

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